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Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

Is your business prepared for unforeseen circumstances or a possible server crash?

Are you aware of the time it can take to recover a business from these unanticipated disasters?

If your business does face the adversity of a possible server crash for an extended period of time, are you aware of the costs associated with such an event?

Will your business be able to withstand the effects of losing all its data? Do you have recovery protocols in place in case of possible disaster?

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

In an event like this, we will join forces with our clients to ensure a smooth recovery process so the business undergoes the least amount of impact possible in their day to day operation. We will ensure your business has a backup continuity plan to aid in the speedy recovery of data for business continuity purposes and to assist you with maintaining contact with clients and employees through an uncertain time. Even with major power black-outs, we will see to it that your servers are well protected.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is best described as the processes and procedures that need to be implemented by your company to ensure essential business functions are maintained and continue functioning during periods of disasters or uncertainty, and the subsequent hardships. Having a BCP can preserve the critical services provided by your business and provide your business the best chance of durability. By having BCP, Protect your critical services and give your business the best chance of survival.

How can AIScripts® protect your business?

  • Ensuring quick & easy back up procedures to assist with business continuity
    We provide near real-time backups which can be as frequent as every 15 minutes. Our virtualization solutions make your backed-up data easily accessible, against any odds that may occur in your workplace.
  • Low priced, speedy disaster recovery
    Eliminate the cost and time of managing on-site tape backups. With our back-ups continuously saving on the Cloud, we are able to provide our customers protection with maintaining and protecting their essential business data at an affordable cost.
  • Strategies to overcome any matter in question
    We provide Backup monitoring and Daily Recovery Tests as a measure to ensure that every backup stored correctly. Data encryption will be in put in place to ensure accessibility solely to the possessors of a passkey, not just anyone locally or at the remote storage facility.

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