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How Data Center Colocation Can Benefit You and Your Business

As a business your success is dependent on several factors: a loyal base of customers and a dedicated team of employees, a fully vetted business plan, a tranche or two of funding and, of course the data and infrastructure that supports it.

Sustained growth, however, requires a proactive approach that aligns demand for your products and services with the resources required to fulfill them. For example, viral marketing that catches the attention of prospects. Job fairs that attract new hires. And pro-business banks willing to lend you the dollars needed to support and establish your brand. Similarly, the process of colocation enables you to compensate for your growing data and infrastructure before either of the (or both) overwhelms your capital or operational spends.


With colocation — or partnering with a provider that houses a portion of your infrastructure offsite so you can focus exclusively on building your business — you gain all the advantages of infrastructure ownership, but without investing critical dollars in establishing assets such as cages and cabinets, power and cooling, onsite security and industry specific compliance.
All of which leaves you more time to do what you do best: running a business without having to worry about capital, connectivity, utilities or how secure your customer data is. The fact is, with Digital Realty you can leave all of that to us.

Why Digital Realty for Data Center Colocation?

Digital Realty offers one of the best colocation offerings in the U.S. One great advantage we bring to the table is the flexibility we offer to our customers in our ability to customize our colocation space based on your needs. In fact, over the past two years Digital Realty has expanded or built out all our major network-centric facilities to ensure capacity for your growing customer base.

Additionally, robust helping hands by well qualified technicians and infrastructure that is maintained and refreshed before end of life is assigned provides peace-of-mind that your equipment, colocated in our facilities, is our top priority 24x7x365.

With a robust and growing portfolio that represents connectivity to major U.S. markets, Digital Realty is sure to have a colocation solution that fits your needs.

  • Cages, Cabinets & Private Suites
    Our colocation space includes cages and cabinets as well as private suites.
    Cages are leased data center spaces that provide extra security and comfort for your equipment. Isolated from any shared areas and available in a variety of sizes depending on your needs, cage sizes range from 100 sq.ft. and up.

    Cabinets are a secure enclosure in which you can place active servers or electronics. Size varies from 42U to 52U with typical depths of 36 inches and widths of 24 inches. These cabinets are available in full or half size depending on the customer’s needs. Cabinets can be leased from Digital Realty or can be supplied by customers based on their needs. To protect equipment cabinets are equipped with a 3 digit lock code on each door.

    Private Suites are those select spaces leased exclusively to a single company. A private suite is customized entirely for your equipment only and its power, cooling and security becomes a completely segmented “data center within a data center” that is completely isolated from all other colocated equipment in a data center facility.

  • Data Center Power
    To ensure best of class power, Digital Realty delivers N+1 to 2N+1 services to all facilities. Our AC power delivers protected voltage to equipment that is conditioned, protected and backed by generators to ensure 100% availability of service. Our DC power feeds deliver Direct current voltage (-48V) converted from AC to equipment. Primary or utility-fed DC power into each facility is supported by backup generators as well as batteries to preserve uptime if power is lost.
  • Data Center Cooling
    Data Center Cooling is designed and built from an N+1 to a 2N deployment (facility dependent). Cooling is predominately under the floor forced air cooling with temperature maintained at industry levels or better. Depending on a customer’s cooling requirements, high density solutions are available at almost all of our colocation and interconnection data centers. Facility cooling typically ranges from 80- 400 W/sq.ft., while all cooling is backed by diesel generators to ensure maximum uptime and an optimum level of business continuity.
  • Data Center Security
    The security of your equipment and the data being transmitted through it is as important to you and your business as it is to ours. To ensure the security of both, Digital Realty provides 24/7 security management upon entering any of our facilities. Additionally, 24/7 remote camera monitoring backed by digital recordings and infrared detectors are located in multiple sites. Biometric fingerprint readers and/or card readers ensure there is always a minimum of two point authentication. Cabinets and cages are locked at all times to ensure maximum protection for Digital Realty customers.
  • Data Center Compliance
    While the levels and types of compliance can vary dramatically depending on industry, Digital Realty strictly adheres to a set of standards for colocation providers governed by the American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA) including Service Organization Controls (SOC) Types I and II. Each year, Digital Realty undergoes and completes audit requirements to ensure all of the Digital Realty facilities are SOC 2, SOC 3, and HIPPA compliant. Further, Digital Realty ensures that any new facility is built to and withstands the same stringent requirements to ensure consistency between and among all facilities Digital Realty owns or operates.

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