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In business, access is everything. Do I have access to the right information, the right applications, the right equipment and even the right people? Having access to the right mix of these and other services can mean the difference between success and failure.

By definition, interconnection is the physical linking of a carrier’s network with equipment or facilities not belonging to that network. Interconnection may also refer to a connection between a carrier’s facilities and the equipment belonging to its customer, or to a connection between two (or more) carriers.

Interconnection is the means for you to access the right mix for your business.


Connecting in a Digital Realty data center gives your business the access to the largest ecosystem of interconnected networks, applications and people ready to help make your growing business a success. With a global ecosystem of numerous cross connects into 1000+ leading telecommunications carriers, ISP’s, content providers, financial services and other enterprise level businesses, our strategically located carrier neutral data centers stand ready as the platform for you to grow.

The level of interconnection opportunities into the rich ecosystem found in a Digital Realty data center fundamentally improves your access to the building blocks needed to amplify the positioning and distribution of your products and services to prospects throughout the global market. And as a result of having the right access, growing your business just got a whole lot easier!

Why Digital Realty for Interconnection?

Digital Realty provides interconnection services to a global ecosystem of more than 1,000+ leading telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers and enterprises through multiple cross connections at our strategically located, carrier-neutral interconnection facilities. As a result you’re able to rapidly adapt to changes in technology through high performance service, bandwidth choice and product flexibility.

With a robust and growing portfolio that represents connectivity to major U.S. markets, Digital Realty is sure to have an interconnection solution that fits your needs.

Cross Connect
Digital Realty Cross Connect provides customers with the greatest number of global opportunities to terminate a customer’s voice traffic, deliver content or access public IP. Through these cross connections Digital Realty empowers customers to deploy infrastructure, expand their own product portfolio and reach new markets for digital services. Customers can deploy cross connects as rapidly as their relationships and opportunities develop. Cross Connect services offer the security and reliability of hardwired cables while providing higher performance. This feature aids Cross Connect with greater scalability with very low latency for any protocol or network technology.

  • Metro Connect
    Digital Realty’s Metro ConnectSM offers a convenient way to connect between multiple Digital Realty facilities located in the same metro area. Digital Realty Metro Connect also provides connectivity to the non-Digital Realty facilities in select markets. Metro Connect lets you choose the right property to deploy your service, technology, network or content while providing seamless access to a vast community of customers or partners within a metro market. By establishing a presence in a Digital Realty facility, customers can also realize significant cost savings over a carrier’s metro service. This includes savings in SONET, lower and higher speed Ethernet and an accelerated time to market.
  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
    Digital Realty’s Dedicated Internet Access (“DIA”) service provides customers with a dedicated Internet connection suitable for any business need. Customers use DIA for many applications including website connectivity to the Internet, access to their IPSec VPNs and out-of-band management for their colocated equipment. As a blended bandwidth product that provides a “best of” mix between several providers, Digital Realty DIA provides a highly reliable “always-on” connection to the Internet. Service is available from 5Mbps up to 1Gbit and can be delivered with a single handoff (DIA Standard) or via our dual handoff product (DIA Premium) for added security.
  • Internet Exchange
    The Digital Realty Internet Exchange is a carrier-neutral, privately-owned and managed IXP (Internet Exchange Point) that enables members of an exchange, including ISPs, content and gaming providers, enterprises and others, to establish peering relationships across a common switching platform. Members may move data between networks and share traffic without incurring additional IP transit charges. Consider: customers deploying in a Digital Realty data center are one connection away from hundreds of major telecom and data networks on a single, highly available service platform, ultimately reducing operational costs, improving network performance and adding another layer of network resilience.

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